Decorative Concrete Products


We have a variety of concrete products available in store to choose from. Come in today and allow one of our experts to show you the styles and colors we currently have. Our experts will walk you through the best selection based on your project’s needs and the desired concrete aesthetics. There’s plenty to choose from here at Metropolitan Materials!

We offers a wide selection of stamp patterns to make any concrete project turn from drab into a beautiful work of art.

There are so many ways to color concrete! Allow us to show you the variety of color options you can achieve.

Endless options! We have quality stains and dyes to choose from depending on the color your project requires.

We make it easy for you to get the job done. Come in today to browse our necessary tools and accessories.

The concrete release that we have in stock creates beautifully antiqued and textured concrete surfaces, seamlessly.

Concrete sealers, for added protection, allow finished projects to be durable, especially in high-traffic or outside areas.

Items that are ideal for preparing concrete to be resurfaced include our surface and treatment prep products.

Overlays enable you to stamp concrete without having to pour a new slab. Simply pour over stable concrete.

If you need it—we have it! From nails and wire mesh to expansion paper, plastic and insulation. We have it all.

Come in today to browse our concrete offerings

We’re here to fulfill your concrete needs. Allow our decades of experience to assist you and your next project.